Sketch and Test Graphic

Hello, I’m Colleen Boisvert, a creative freelance UX designer. I’m also a sketcher with fancy markers ready to brainstorm on my next digital project. Maybe it’ll be yours?


  • Illustration 100%
  • Logo Design 100%
  • Style Guides 100%
  • Prototyping 100%
  • Branding 100%
  • Personas 100%
  • Lean UX 100%
  • Responsive Design 95%
  • Usability Testing 90%
  • Agile/Scrum 90%
  • WordPress 90%
  • HTML/CSS 90%



Nielsen Norman Group


Future Media Concepts




Through blending a bit of the conventional with my own dash of whimsy, I often find my most productive environments in places that can call for full concentration, yet also invite creativity and much collaboration. Listening to some funky music helps keep me inspired and energized, as I set my eyes on the goal of providing users with an experience so memorable and engaging that they leave them invigorated and able to achieve their tasks quickly & successfully.



When working with a brand, I will pursue a sound understanding of the brand's personality and voice - all that makes it unique.



Staying on brand, I will create a design that will speak to your audience in an appealing and user-friendly way.



I focus on all of the little details that help make up the big picture - from wireframes to the final developed website that gleams with a nice, polished finish. For I am a true designer who knows HTML & CSS!



Colleen puts 100% of herself into every project. She is dedicated, hard-working, and extremely creative – the perfect combination for any talented designer! She developed Flash banners for the Heart’s Center’s home page, as well as multimedia players. We worked closely together throughout the process, and she was easily able to come up with beautiful, functional designs.

I am continually impressed with Colleen’s dedication to interactive marketing, as well as her passion for her work. She’s a true pleasure to know, and I would love the opportunity to work with her again. Emily @

Emily Schweikart

Marketing Manager,

I went to college with Colleen and was always impressed with her artistic talents. We fell out of touch after she graduated, but as fate would have it, we ended up working in the same city a few years later.

Upon re-connecting and catching up, I was highly impressed with all that she had accomplished since our college years. Her design abilities had greatly improved, which is to say a lot since they were excellent to begin with, and her technical knowledge, especially in Flash/Actionscript, had reached an exceptional level.

I highly recommend working with Colleen.

Scott O'Hara

UX Designer & Developer, Fresh Tilled Soil

Colleen combined a strong sense of design with solid HTML/CSS skills and a clear handle on Flash. She had a great attitude in every class, and was clearly passionate about furthering her already impressive web design skills. I enjoyed studying with Colleen and would work with her professionally if given the chance!

Joe Gallagher

Senior Interaction Designer, Genuine Interactive

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