Reuse and Recycle Old Tires

Need new outdoor chairs? Instead of running to the store consider building one out of used tires. A lot of our landfills are at max capacity filled with too much trash to know what to do with. Plus the process of breaking down trash is burdensome on the environment.

To make a tire chair you need 3 used tires. This you can find at the dump or just take a visit to your local tire shop and they will be happy to give you some used tires.




Zip ties

Paint and paint brush

3 Used tires


Wash them

Hose these dirty tires down!


Paint them

Find some leftover paint and make sure to paint in all the little crevices.


Drill Holes

Drill around 16 holes on the top tire where you will be sitting. These holes will be used to run the paracord weave through. Then drill 3 holes on the bottom of the top tire making a triangle. Then take the second tire of the chair and drill 3 holes on top to match the holes from the first tire. We will be using zip ties to connect the two tires. Do the same thing for the second and 3rd (bottom) tire.

PRO TIP: Drill holes on the bottom of each tire for drainage. 


Paracord Weave

Now time to get creative! Take your paracord and create any weave that you want. What I did was run it across and then bring it back to the other side using the hole next over.


Zip Ties

Zip tie the tires all together one by one. You should have the holes in place to match up with each tire stacking.


Sit and Relax

Enjoy your chair!