Colleen Boisvert

Colleen Boisvert

Creative Freelance UX Designer

As a versatile and diligent senior UX designer, I assume many different “hats” in tackling various projects and taking on multiple professional roles. Symbolically, my most favorite “hat” would be a beanie or a project that calls for the unique artistry that calls to my love and penchant for innovation and style. A project that calls for me to take the ordinary and transform it into a wholly new artifact that brings in a new light of potential.

Yet in all of my designing endeavors, I am always sure to assume the hat of the user – through research & usability testing to see through their perspectives and effectively craft resources that will help benefit their lives and work.


User Experience Design

– General Assembly Boston
User Experience with Interaction Design Specialty
– Nielsen Norman Group
Advanced Illustrator CC
– Future Media Concepts
Advanced CSS Training
– Webucator
Advanced Web Site Development
– The New England Institute of Art

I'm Ready to Roll Up the Sleeves and Get to Work

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